Tone Shape Colour – Work by members of Yana Trevail's painting workshops

Yana Trevail teaches the painting method developed by the late Plymouth-based painter Robert Lenkiewicz, for whom she was studio assistant from 1997 until his death in 2002. A series of monochrome exercises of still lifes and self-portraits painted from direct observation develops a clear understanding of shape and tone before introducing the more complex and challenging element of colour.

This exhibition presents selected paintings by students of Yana's Tavistock class. Some began with her as novices, others joined having previously attended art college, but all have developed or incorporated the tonal approach in their work, some of which has since been accepted into national competitions and displayed at the Mall Galleries in London.


David Beer

My landscapes and seascapes are painted on hardboard with oil paints using a palette knife and occasionally my finger! Using a palette knife enables me to achieve textural work which would not be possible with a brush.

I also produce figure drawings using charcoal and washes of acrylic paint. Whether it is a life drawing from the model or a dancing figure, the original drawing is produced with black charcoal. This is then fixed, and washes of watered acrylic are painted over the figure to produce a deep background colour.

david-beerDavid BeerDavid Beer



Mary Gillett – Drawn to the Valley Open Studios 2016

Mary Gillett is a painter printmaker whose work is 'a consistent source of stimulation for many artists working in the area. Her ability to depict the unique light of the moor, and to capture those fleeting, magical moments when a cloud briefly lifts or a shard of brightness breaks through, seems to motivate and galvanise those around her. Through her printing workshop, which is a mecca to a multitude of creative people, she continues to influence a wide circle.' (Limekiln Gallery)

During this year's Drawn to the Valley Open Studios event, Mary will be showing paintings, oil pastels and etchings. The work reflects her continuing absorption with Dartmoor and the Cornish coast, and contemplates her recent visits to Iona and South Africa.

Mary GillettMary GillettMary Gillet



Nita Sculthorp

For more than 50 years Nita has had a love affair with botanical art, but never previously had the time to paint regularly to achieve a standard of work that would satisfy her.

Now semi-retired, Nita started the Distance Learning Diploma Course run by the Society of Botanical Artists where drawing and painting finally became a way of life.

Nita was invited to exhibit at the RHS Botanical Art Show in February of this year and she received her SBA Diploma in April.

This exhibition will contain all of the work used for the Diploma.

Nita SculthorpNita SculthorpNita Sculthorp



John Lee

My paintings tend to be mainly illustrative usually through the medium of pen and ink and watercolour. I've been making pottery for the past 40 years. This work comprises of thrown functional pieces in stoneware and sometimes porcelain fired to a high temperature in a gas fired kiln.

John LeeJohn LeeJohn Lee



Jane Lee

My most recent work is based on my love of the South West shoreline including the interaction where possible of figures. I work mainly in oils, oil pastel and graphite, lino printing and ceramics using paper clay. I particularly like working on paper rather than board.

Jane LeeJane LeeJane Lee



Howard du Ross

In 2011, I ventured into the uplifting and captivating world of watercolours, and I now paint an inspirationally evolving range of subjects from seascapes, sunsets, townscapes, and landscapes and these will form the main part of the exhibition.

Earlier in 2007 I used epoxy resin to create completely abstract paintings in vivid colours, the interpretation of which is in the eye of the beholder. These evolved into a series of cosmic paintings in acrylic coated in resin, and were followed by irregular shaped abstract pictures in acrylic, some of these will also be exhibited as well as sculptures.

I am an active member of Tavistock Group of Artists, Buckland Art Group, Drawn to the Valley and Open Studios.

Howard du Ross - Becalmed Howard Du Ross - Paddons Row Tavistock Howard Du Ross - Goodnight sun

Learn Devon Abstract Painting Course

Approaches to Abstraction

This is an exhibition of work by tutor and students from Learn Devon Abstract Painting Course running at the Alexander Centre in Tavistock. The exhibition will show the diverse themes and styles explored by students on the course. There will be a range of materials and techniques displayed in the work exhibited - including mixed media collage, assemblage and abstract painting techniques.

For information on participants please click here - opens a PDF document

Tutor Gill Cairns says: 'We have lots of fun on the course and this exhibition is a celebration to show what the students have achieved.'

Gill CairnsHazel ArnoldWendy Millar

Oonagh Glancy

My practice is about capturing a piece of time through the act of painting. Images emerge from an interchange between an evolving series of motifs and themes. I am particularly interested in colour, surface and space both within the work and the space around it. I work from direct observation in sketchbooks and occasionally from photography and printmaking, processing ideas and establishing composition.

I am interested in exploring the relevance of paintings as objects and their relevance in contemporary art practice. I have been experimenting with space in site specific practice more recently and working in site specific locations.

Oonagh Glancy Oonagh Glancy Oonagh Glancy

Rosemary Wood

I have an eclectic perspective on art and my work includes watercolours, acrylic, oils, pastels and mixed media. I am currently experimenting with colour/ collage/ lino print/ felt art. I have exhibited and sold in several exhibitions and galleries and have commissions in Australia and America.

Visual Art has been a love of mine all my life, art galleries being one of my first ports of call when travelling. Creative Art is something I have come to in my later life, and I have thus entered into an exciting world complimented by wonderful, inspiring and encouraging like minded people. I am enjoying the ride and recommend it!

Rosemary Wood - By the Light of the Silvery MoonRosemary Wood - Dartmoor Winter Rosemary Wood - Washing Day

Nicola Bennett

The collective works in this show explore the relationship between line and abstraction with a strong emphasis on colour and texture. Subject matter defies categorisation with layered meaning both from social and political through to landscape and momentary thoughts, all with a sense of quirkiness and humour.

Originally from Surrey and an artistic family with both parents trained artists and a father who was also an art historian (Roy Ralph); studied at Exeter and Plymouth (BA Hons Fine Art); a career in art and education including working for Spink Fine Art/Christies, London, West Dean College, Sussex and Tavistock Schools/Adult Education, Devon.

Nicola BennettNicola BennettNicola Bennett

Carol Preston, Pam Kemp, Ann Courtney

Pam Kemp - A photographer in the Eco-Tourism industry, has won international photography competitions, a section in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and exhibited in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, by the Royal Horticultural Society, and published in books and magazines.

Carol Preston - Self taught artist now enjoying Compilation photography and Found Still Life. Photos of discarded debris and rubbish are digitally enhanced producing exciting thought provoking abstract pictures.

Ann Courtney - Though relatively new to photography it has become a great passion. In this exhibition I combine this love with elements from within the garden. The emphasis always being on detail and light.

Fairy Tern - Pam Kemp Rose - Ann Courtney urban spacecraft - Carol Preston

Maisie Parker

My work is in mixed print media, silkscreen, relief, collograph and mono printing, overlaid with inks, painting and collage. Repetition features strongly in my pieces, but the human figure is the inspiration for all my work and drawing is at the heart of my practice. Drawing as a visual language, as a mode of enquiry and as a way of knowing.

When I start on a piece, the process is open-ended within the scope of the materials I'm using. I would like to say that there is a burning socio-political subject matter here that I want to explore and that informs my work, but the truth is, I just want to see what will happen when I lay one set of images over another, or apply one set of materials against another. There is just a feeling of anticipation.

Maisie ParkerMaisie Parker Maisie Parker

Clare Law

I am inspired by impressionism and the ever changing landscape around us, I love to produce richly textured oil paintings as well as responding to my love of texture and line, using dip pen and ink. Two styles inspired from one creative source and inspiration.

Clare Law Blossom and beautyClare Law Fishing RodsClare Law Walled Garden

Celia Olsson

Celia's grandmother taught her a love of nature and its colours and since her childhood Celia has been influcnced by colour. However, her artistic attempts were not encouraged at school, and it was not until much later that she began painting in order to record her responses to landscapes which "grab" her.

Celia takes her sketching equipment with her all the time, walking the Devon countryside and on her travels. She creates watercolour or mixed media paintings full of colour and memories of the places she has been. She will often start a work with a wash in colours to reflect the mood of the painting and sometimes includes memorabilia from holidays as collage.

Celia Olsson Celia Olsson Celia Olsson

Roger Croxson

Consisting mainly of composite photographs designed to make you think. With most photographs your brain clearly recognises the content and because it is an exact copy rarely sees any reason to look again, unlike a painting where you have to interpret somebody else's ideas. These photographs have more than one image superimposed and the mind goes through a series of processes that makes you want to return to the picture to see more! These pictures are all one offs; only one is printed, mounted and framed, so that again like original artwork they are unique.

There will also be some interesting flower photographs along with mounted prints and a large range of cards. Building upon previous years Roger has had a successful series of joint exhibitions and Open Studio during 2013. A member of Drawn to the Valley and Devon Arts Network.

from World within Worlds - digital art by Roger Croxsonfrom World within Worlds - digital art by Roger Croxsonfrom World within Worlds - digital art by Roger Croxson

Gill Jones

Gill has been drawing and painting the moors and shores of Devon for many years and so, after a career in Education and the Performing Arts, she decided to set herself the challenge of studying for a Fine Art degree. She graduated with First Class Honours in 2011. She is currently returning to her passion for the moors and shores of Devon, interpreting their moods and atmospheres mainly, but not exclusively, in watercolour.


Susan M Wallis

Susan born in Wisbech in Cambridge initially trained as a hairdresser, and a garden designer. Having always been creative with various voluntary art and performance works, Susan had a change of direction; gaining a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art from Plymouth University in 2012. Susan is now working as a fine artist and divides her time between Hampshire, Somerset and North Devon.

Susan's exploration of Animal Totems and ancient Myths spill into mystical narratives on canvas; worlds where man and beast unite in spiritual harmony.


Clark Nicol

I find the constantly changing moods on Dartmoor a strongly compelling subject. A true wilderness, sometimes tranquil, then dark and threatening. I am seeking to enable the viewer to feel the space in my paintings, so I avoid putting people or animals in them, hopefully making it possible for people to "own" the space for a brief moment.

Clark Nicol at Art  atthe WorksClark Nicol at Art  atthe Works

Nick Collier

My paintings exploit the expressionist possibilities of surface and pigment, drawn from the measured marking out of territory on Dartmoor, of enclosures ancient and modern, of maps and plans, and industrial sites."

Nick Collier at Art at the WorksNick Collier at Art at the Works

Roger Croxson

Roger has had a very varied career; from the money markets to reflexology, with author to teacher in between. He now runs a web design company and takes photographs. Having started in the dark room at school and then lapsed, the digital age renewed his interest. Flowers are a passion and many that are photographed are grown at home or on his partners allotment.

Although it is obvious but light makes a photograph and the tiny studio uses various coloured lights to create bright and cheerful images. The World Within Worlds plays with images that may not appear connected in either scale or content - fun for the mind!!

Roger Croxson at Art at The Works Roger Croxson at Art at The Works Roger Croxson at Art at The Works

Sylvia Bird

Sylvia Bird was born in Hastings, East Sussex and trained as an SRN before moving on to career moves such as policewoman and Entertainments Officer on board cruise liners.

Creativity has always been in her make- up and she studied cake and sugarcraft for 3 years, decorating celebration cakes before moving on to paint and canvas. Sylvia has finally found something that immerses her mind completely and enables her to relax and let go. She paints in acrylics and her favourite subjects are trees and local scenery.

She is author of the local 'Dennis Dart' books on sale in Waterstones and has written 5 books aimed at Key Stage 1 children.

Shirley Kirkcaldy

Shirley Kirkcaldy is an Acrylic and Mixed Media artist whose style ranges from semi-abstract to the more realistic. Her landscapes and seascapes draw inspiration largely from her West Country surroundings as well as the highlands and islands of the west of Scotland, all of which never fail to supply the colours, textures and changing light she enjoys.

Continually exploring new media and techniques, Shirley finds that the combination of colour and texture in mixed media will often create the most exciting results. Some of her more recent work incorporates the use of acrylic inks and collage which are layered and glazed many times over, through which she aims to gain a rich depth and a sense of atmosphere.

Some originals are reproduced as limited edition prints and are available to purchase either framed and glazed or unframed. Commissions are undertaken.

Mary Gillett

My paintings and etchings explore surface and texture to create images of intense mood, which depict the unique light and atmosphere of Dartmoor and the coasts of Cornwall.

I trained at Bristol Polytechnic, then specialised in etching on a postgraduate course at Brighton Polytechnic. Since returning to Devon I have taught printmaking at my workshop near Tavistock, for many years.

I am a South West Academician and a member of Plymouth Society of Artists, the 21 group, Devon Artists' network and the Drawn to the Valley Group of Artists.

Ron Pyatt

My work is located between the worlds of inner and outer experience. It draws on both memory and observation and centres on landscape and myth. Its main aim is to re-present the wonder and mystery of nature.

My images are rarely planned. I initially try to exploit the random, chance possibilities of whatever media I am using. Then rather like a beachcomber I search through the work looking in myself for a sense of felt meaning. I then work to bring out or enhance what I have found either with the same media or digitally or both. This process may take months and involve many reworkings or be over very quickly.

Many of my digital prints exist only in this form. They are often not straight copies of an original and are printed using archival quality inks and paper.

Ron Pyatt Ron Pyatt

Roger Croxson

Tamar to Klamath is an exhibition of photographs taken in and around the Tamar Valley and in Northern California (the Klamath was also a salmon river in N. California). Roger, a long term self taught photographer, has expanded his work with digital photography opening up the opportunity to play as well as produce serious work.

The photographs include wonderful views and lots of brilliant flowers. This exhibition has both small and very large prints which are all for sale! Just in time for the forthcoming present giving season.

Roger Croxson at Art at The WorksRoger Croxson at Art at The WorksRoger Croxson at Art at The Works

Sophy White

I paint using local earth from the Mendips. I explore animal icons from the collective unconscious. I am interested in our tribal heritage. I am interested in Shamanism.

Sophy WhiteSophy White;Sophy White

Mignon Woodfield

For this show I have made a series of jugs, designed in the spirit of the Arts & Crafts Movement to be both beautiful and useful, and inspired by nature and the ordered chaos of a flower border. The jugs are hand-built from a white earthenware clay body that has been stained with metal oxides and glaze stains. Once the form has been made and is leather hard, the body is decorated with coloured clay slips. After a bisque firing, the jug is further worked on by drawing with underglaze pencil. After applying an Alumina Matt glaze, the jug is fired to 1100 degrees. Sometimes a further luster firing enhances the plant forms.

Mignon WoodfieldMignon WoodfieldMignon Woodfield

Mark Hutton

I simply make pots thrown on the wheel, exploiting the qualities of various clays and textures, and am particularly drawn to highly grogged clay. The red clay used, from Ireland, turns black once fired and due to high iron content reacts perfectly with a mixture of glazes to achieve what I hope becomes a unique piece of work. Added grog (chippings of fired clay) provides texture to an otherwise smooth finish.

I am self-taught, over a period of a varied career, and have had exhibitions in France, Belgium and here in the South West. I am currently represented by TAYT Morden gallery (, run by Ceri Taylor. Inspiration – definitely Michael Cardew.

Mark Hutton Mark HuttonMark Hutton

Ian Purvis

Recently moved from the Midlands to Cornwall, I started painting in oil in 1975 mainly working from photographs and attending life-drawing classes. Self-taught for many years, I eventually gained a BA (Hons) Fine Art in 2004. My art has progressed over the years and I will continue to develop and vary the subject matter as this spreads my work over a wider audience.

This year, 2011, I am taking part in both the Cornwall Open Studios (May 28–June 5) and the Drawn to the Valley Open Studios (August 28–September 4), which combines artists from both sides of the Tamar Valley. I am currently represented by TAYT Morden gallery (, run by Ceri Taylor.

Ian PurvisIan PurvisIan Purvis

Melanie Guy

Melanie works in pewter metal, making wall sculptures that capture a Zen-like essence. 'I explore the play of light on the surface of my material with subtle textures and often use patination methods to make significant expressive marks, enhancing these with applied metal powders.'

Melenie Guy

Hilary Hughes

The Copper Plates

By working backwards from pristine copper plates via corrosion and oxidation, I have been exploring how easily carefully produced pure metals return to more natural compounds. Using acids and alkalis from the house and environment, these paintings are for me a microcosm of what's happening in the landscape, expressing the dynamics of change.

Hilary HughesHilary HughesHilary Hughes

Yozi Prasnikar

Emotion in motion

My painting is fictional. The main theme is figurative. I am focused on the female body, illustrating its inner energy. To express this I use strong contrast, bright colours and freehand strokes. My characters are touched by the spirit of sensuality. The energy, release and satisfaction I feel while painting are my reward and motivation. My fashion degree is clearly evident in my recent elongated figures.

Apart from painting I also have an interest in photography. In the future I want to combine paintings with my photographic images to create a unique style with a strong signature.

Yozi PrasnikarYozi PrasnikarYozi Prasnikar

Mark Nicholl

Firehorse Jewellery

I trained initially as a sculptor, specializing in cast bronze, then as a blacksmith and a medal minter but jewellery is an area of artistic metalwork where all techniques converge as the noble metals are uniquely responsive to the entire repertoire of working methods.

Within jewellery-making I explore my fascination with form, exploring many techniques and design styles and developing methods of ‘free forming’ metals, allowing them to interact with the forces of nature according to their properties, as modern painters ‘let paint be paint’.

Mark NichollMark NichollMark Nicholl

David Bailey

Photographer David Bailey contributed two defining images of Mick Jagger to our launch exhibition and these two stunning photographs formed the centrepiece of this opening event.

Endorsement of Art at The Works by such a successful world-renowned artist is a great honour and we are grateful to him for his support.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom was born in the Midlands and has lived in Tavistock for the last 20 years. He was a keen musician but disability forced him to look for another artistic outlet so he decided to teach himself to paint. What seemed to be a tragedy turned out to be a stroke of fortune. Fifteen years later, Steve is now a respected West Country artist and he has exhibited widely.

Steve is inspired by the works of Paul Klee, Kurt Schwitters and Wassily Kandinsky. Steve has always painted in abstract because it lends itself to a sense of mystery and intangibility which he expresses with a juxtaposition of shapes and colour.

Steve BloomSteve BloomSteve Bloom

Ian Heard

Illustrator, painter and designer, Ian Heard was born in Cornwall. He studied illustration before moving to Oxford to pursue a career in design and advertising. Later he established his own studio in the Cotswolds, working with corporate clients and for many leading publishers. He continues his professional practice now based in Devon.

He has written and produced four books, one of which, Classic Boats of the West Country, is in its second edition. Some of the illustrations are published as limited edition prints; many of his original paintings have been exhibited in London and been bought by buyers as far away as the US and Switzerland.

Ian HeardIan HeardIan Heard

David Hodge

This series of paintings represents the cross between landscape painting and color field painting, alluding to a representation of a landscape with a minimal amount of shapes and colors. Also, by repeated sanding of the surface throughout the painting process to ensure a smooth brushless surface, my hope is to remove the process of the picture making, thereby removing the artist’s hand and texture, transporting the viewer to an idealized place.

Hilary Hughes

My work is a response to the effects of man’s activity on the face of the Earth – in this case the saltpans of southern Portugal. I am fascinated by the natural processes that move in on human interventions whether it be lichen on roof tiles, rust on pontoons, or colourful algae growing in ponds of different salinities.

Saltpans used to be dug by hand, reflecting the contours of the estuary or coastline. Today they are excavated by bulldozer with severe straight lines, in industrial sizes, visible from space, but often surrounded and marked by older workings: traces and overlays, dissolving edges and interrupted outlines.

John Raynes

Any mention of Cornwall tends to provoke images of sea and coast and it is true most of my time is spent on those aspects of this amazing county, but there is a rich variety of landscape away from the coasts too.

Recently I have been looking at some of the areas of woodland, lesser known perhaps, but full of fascinating shapes and varied light.

As ever, my method involves wandering more or less randomly, looking for patterns of light and form until something grabs my attention, and then trying to winkle out, clarify and simplify the shapes that seem to me to be significant.

John RaynesJohn Raynes

Richard Sowman

Oil paint on wood or canvas
sun (rain) on skin
the smell of water, trees, moss.
My thoughts.
That's all it's about.